Making classes more interactive with Team Based Learning

Team Based Learning is a teaching / learning methodology developed for administration courses in the 1970s.

It has been successfully explored in various disciplines (management, engineering, chemistry, biology, psychology, medicine, economics, etc.) with classes with more than 100 or about 25 students.

Compared to other small-group methodologies, TBL is more flexible in terms of the organization of schedules and is thus easier to adapt.

In this workshop, the expectation is that the participants can contact and understand the advantages and challenges of operating classes in TBL, and that they reflect on the usefulness and the way to explore the TBL methodology in their own classrooms.

For the participants to develop a perception of how the methodology works, the course will be presented applying the methodology itself, that is, the participants will experience the methodology from the students’ perspective.

Facilitators will share their teaching experience and discuss with the audience how to take the first steps in using TBL. The course uses video viewing and describes of examples from engineering classes.

Instructor: Manuel Joao Costa