Learning from modern board games to make engaging lectures

Modern board games revolutionized analog game experiences. The growing interest in these face-to-face interactive play experiences is recognized worldwide. These games foster individual enpowerment, human relations, nudging, and reinforces key human skills for the 21st century. Modern board games are more elegant in their mechanics, simulate complex themes, and provide meaningful experiences for players of all ages and backgrounds. These analog games foster collaboration and allow codesign dynamics through continuous player interactions. Learning from modern board game design traits helps teachers, trainees, and other professionals to build serious game approaches to education and simulation.
The workshop will introduce participants to modern board game design with a theoretical summary. It will also address Serious game approaches and frameworks. After this introduction, participants will be playing online through game adaptation exercises. These play experiences exemplifications are replicable in other teaching sessions. The game activities will be supported by ongoing facilitation. These game exercises are transferable to traditional lectures by providing “ice-breaking” activities, establishing bonds with students, address specific learning contents, and evaluating knowledge acquisition.
After this workshop, participants should recognize modern board game potentials and implement small game learning activities.

Instructor: Micael Sousa
Duration: 1h30