Intro to MOOCs

Ana Moura Santos is a Professor at the Department of Mathematics at Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and author of many online educational resources (OER) now in use at Mathematics courses and MOOCs of IST.

Besides her research on Operator Theory and Functional Analysis, she helped to develop a data basis of more than two hundred assessment exercises with random parameters for Linear Algebra, Vector Calculus and Random Matrices, and several demonstrations at Wolfram Demonstrations Project. Team member of, and contributor author to, T.I.M.E.S. European project MathCom Complements in Mathematics for Master Students (from 2010 until 2012) and scientific advisor at IEEE-IST Academic (from 2011 until 2016), with Maths video tutorials with open access and thousands of visualisations. From 2016, Ana is the MOOC Técnico coordinator, now with 18 online courses running, and the author of two of these MOOCs: Markov Matrices (2016) and Eigenvalues (2017) with several editions.

Duarte Fleming is an experienced Design Lead, with 15 years of international experience, the last 11 of those years in London, creating and building first-class digital products, processes, and teams, for FTSE 100 clients in financial, insurance, retail, FMCG, and IT sectors as Head of Design at Eukleia Training (Learning Technologies Group).

Currently he’s the Learning and Development Coordinator of the MOOC Técnico department from the Instituto Superior Técnico, supporting the creation of their online courses.

With extensive expertise across animation, web development, and e-learning, Duarte is a proven leader and mentor to both designers and developers, with experience in recruiting new talent and developing top-performing teams.